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Valentine Vintage Floral -Snafu-

Valentine Vintage Floral -Snafu-

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The Sassy Snafu is here! A snafu is 'a confusing or chaotic mess' -but don't let that fool you because these are far from that! They are a buff-style headband made with soft, stretchy material that is not too thick but still nice and cozy. They measure ~19"-20" around and are a whopping 12" wide! They all have a fun print on one side and a coordinated solid on the other. The photo shows the inside solid color via the slight fold at the bottom of the snafu (done for photo purposes) but you can entirely hide the solid if you do not want it showing. 

The Snafu is perfect for a wide boho look, hiking, running, hitting the slopes or just hanging out and hiding the fact that you haven't washed your hair in three days. (It's ok, we know. We won't tell anyone.) You can wear it around your neck, as a sweat band, on your wrist, or in a variety of ways on your noggin. 

You can style these in TONS of ways and they are 100% reversible. Check out the 'Sassy Styling' tab to see the different ways on how to style these! 

If you'd like a how-to included in your order, please leave us a note at checkout!