Rainbow Pride Wrap

Rainbow Pride Wrap

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This unique, stretchy, wrap-and-tuck style headband is my own ORIGINAL design! It is my best seller and is guaranteed to fit everyone because it is open-ended. You can wrap and tuck it around your head in various ways. You can tie it, knot it, leave the ends hanging for a boho touch -the possibilities are numerous! I am continually discovering new ways to wear these. 

This wrap style headband is approximately 57-60” long and 3.5-4” wide. It is important to note that every fabric varies, so each wrap will not be the exact same length nor will they all reach to the back of your head. That’s OK! They are meant to be worn however your tight, loose, wide or narrow your prefer, and they fit everyone differently depending on how you choose to wear them. The stretchy fabric and wrap concept allow for adjustable layering and coverage options, and you can even wear it over your ears as an ear warmer in the colder months.

The models show different examples of the wraps being worn. You can even put them on your little ones, too! Wear them with your hair up or down, either way they are comfortable and fit well.

An important note we like to add is not to wear these headbands too far back on your head. Make sure you wrap it at the top of your forehead so that it rests above the tops of the ears, or just over them. I find in general this is the best way to wear a headband so that it stays put.

To wash, hand wash or wash on delicate. Lay flat to dry. We iron these when we make them so that they lay nicely so you may have to do that after washing.

Check out the 'Sassy Styling' tab to see different ways in which these can be styled and worn! 

If you'd like a how-to included in your order, please let us know by leaving a note at checkout!