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Phoebe Twist

Phoebe Twist

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NOTE: Due to the way fabric is printed, the pattern may vary slightly from item to item. We custom design & print most of our patterns so sometimes flaws may occur.

This is another original Sassy Olive design! This headband features a mix and match style of two fabrics that can be worn in a variety of ways! It measures 3.5-4" wide and approximately 39"-40" around. Twist it around twice and stack it however you like. Twist twice before putting on to have the two sided turban look. To do this, hold the headband with a seam on each hand. Flip one hand around fully to make a figure-eight, bring the back seams together, and pull it on your head. Adjust the sides to be however wide you like and to overlap to not show the space between the separate pieces.

An important note we like to add is not to wear these headbands too far back on your head. Make sure you wrap it at the top of your forehead so that it rests above the tops of the ears, or just over them. We find in general this is the best way to wear a headband so that it stays put.

To wash, hand wash or wash on delicate. Lay flat to dry.

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