Adventure Box

Adventure Box

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The Adventure Box will feature one each of our Sassy Wrap, Sassy Twist, Top Knot Sassy, and a miscellaneous style such as a Buddha Band, Snafu, Beanie, Scrunchie, etc. It will NOT have one of our beloved Sassy Stretch headbands. Why, might you ask? Because girl, it's time to try something new and step out of the stretch box.

The items in these boxes will be picked out of our regular, in-season stock which means they are NOT chosen from our sale inventory. This is a perfect opportunity to snag a great deal and be able to try some of our styles that you've been eyeing for a while. Because we know you have been, don't lie...

While overall (aside from knowing the four styles you'll be receiving) this box is a mystery, we want to do our best to make sure you receive items that you will love. In order to try and accommodate your personal style, we ask that you leave a note in the comments section at checkout to let us know a few tips that will help us style your Adventure Box. You can tell us what types of patterns you like or don't like, your favorite colors, or if there is a color you absolutely despise. However, these boxes don't include our specific collections, i.e medical, dogs, or any holiday collections. If you do not leave notes here or if you want a true surprise then we will make the box for you. 

We will do our VERY best to accommodate your style based on then notes you leave but please know that this is technically a SALE and all sale items are final sale. You'll be getting for headbands for $30 -that's a $48 retail value! 

Thank you for understanding and following our sale rules! We hope you love the Adventure Box as much as we do.