We will be at the following shows - Milford Memories: August 10,11,12! Blueberry Fest: August 11,12! Coast Guard: August 3,4!

The Sassy Crew

At The Sassy Olive, we employ a crew of over 20 amazing individuals that are each unique and valuable in their own ways. While we can't fit them all on here, please enjoy learning a little about our core Sassy Crew! 


Landria is the owner and creator behind The Sassy Olive. She has a mild obsession with sushi, lives for her rescue dogs, and has a deep passion that is sure to take her business beyond success. She has tons of tattoos and a boho sense of style that shows through her business and makes it as unique as her. She said she would never get a sleeve, but, as you can see here, that was a lie. 



Kaylyn is the shop manager that keeps the day-to-day running at the shop. She is a passionate mom who works hard to make sure the building does not burn down each day. She is continually finding herself in very 'interesting' situations but always manages to come out a better and sparklier version of herself. She loves unicorns and we are pretty sure she would wear Stranger Things t-shirts every day if we let her. 


Alison is our Production Manager that helps train and manage our team of contract sewers. She is a spunky work-from-home mom of two who always knows what to say -or doesn't, but says it anyways. She's awesome at doing her makeup but you'll generally catch her in sweats and makeup that she put on two days ago for a Live Facebook video on her Lipsense page.

Fun fact: Alison is one of Landria's best friends and was the first ever employee of The Sassy Olive! 


We also have an amazing team of local women that help hand make our products. They are always popping in and out of the shop and are truly the gears that keep this business turning. After all, they are the ones making all of our wonderful sassy goodies! The Sassy Olive would not be what it is without them.