Better Together

I have always believed that regardless of your political affiliation, your morals should be based in human equality. We are all one, regardless of religion, color or who we love. So let’s not forget that, because we are BETTER TOGETHER. It is time that we stand together and act from a place of peace and love and not out of fear and anger. And most importantly, we must listen and truly do our best to understand those who struggle for justice and equality. If we can do this by setting aside our differences, we can begin to institute real change in this world.

I want to be very clear that just because I am showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement, that does not mean that I do not respect or value those who serve in the law enforcement community. I also do not believe that the mistakes and actions of one officer define the rest. However, I do believe there is a systemic issue of racism that is deeply rooted in our country, and especially throughout our criminal justice system.

Every life is valuable, but right now we must focus on the injustices faced by people of color. Until black lives matter, no lives matter.